2018-2019 PTC Officers

President - Stephanie Poulsen,

Vice President - Jeremy Matthews,

Treasurer - Tami Davis,

Secretary - Kathy Nance,

A note from the Parent Teacher Club officers…..

We are here to help make Sherwood great! We are working hard to create a “love, serve, care” culture in our PTC. We would like to strengthen the link between Sherwood families and staff. Our fundraisers help to cover the costs for field trips, family nights and other free or low cost fun events for the Sherwood School community.

How does one become a member of PTC? It's easy. Are you either a staff member of Sherwood School or a parent or legal guardian of a student attending Sherwood School? You're in!! Membership in PTC is free and no dues are ever required or collected. We invite parents, families, teachers and staff to participate here on campus or in other ways as much as they are comfortable. WE would love to see you at PTC meetings when time permits


We can’t do anything without volunteers!!


Please know if you volunteer for any position the PTC Board will always be available to help you!


If you feel comfortable being the point person for one of our major events this is for you. You will field calls, arrange for rental of equipment, and coordinate volunteers at events, just to mention a few of the various tasks. You will work closely with the PTC Board and manage the budget for the event.


If you want to help but aren’t sure you want to be a coordinator (yet) this is for you. We have many tasks for people with many skills. Please briefly describe what type of tasks you’d like to help with and make sure to fill out your availability and contact information on the reverse side.


Do you love people interactions? WE are always looking for people to go out into the community and help us raise money and gain donations.


This person would work closely with the leadership advisers from the various high schools and volunteer groups. They would be responsible for obtaining and scheduling volunteers for our events, the biggest of which is the Fall Fair. After the Fall Fair the work load decreases immensely, but volunteers are still needed throughout the year for various events.


If you don’t have time to volunteer, or you want the tax write off you can always make a monetary donation. All monies donated go towards field trip costs, family fun nights, teachers, students and other low cost or free events for the Sherwood School Community. Please make checks out to Sherwood PTC. Donations can be dropped off at the office (In the PTC drop box) or to any PTC Board member. We will gladly issue you a receipt for the donation, with our tax ID, if requested.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, ideas or concerns. We need your help to thrive!

Box Tops for Education an easy way to help!

Box Tops for Education- Monthly someone will come by to collect your child’s box tops, please collect them and send them to school. They equal free money for the school.

If you’d like a calendar or list of important dates for this year feel free to contact any board member or get one from the front Office.